1. Producing Work That Produces Work

    April 2, 2020 by admin

    Early on in my career, there wasn’t always money attached to projects I wanted to create. The biggest hurdle for any young freelancer or startup is the syndrome of fear. Fear of the unknown.  Fear of the lack of clients thus the lack of capital. Or simply, the fear of yourself.  Just like all of life outside of the small bubble of design, what are you really afraid of?

    While living in Los Angeles I was approached by a well-known photographer to speak to his graduating class at the Pasadena Arts College in Pasadena, CA. Being that I never took the leap to fulfill my dreams of going to Art School myself, instead getting a generic Communication degree from the University of Maryland, I was taken a bit by surprise.  What could I possibly have to say to a room full of dedicated photographers that just finished their MFAs in Photography?

    Let’s back up to how this even happened…  I had always been intrigued by photography.  As a child, I drew and painted scenes I saw that weren’t always matched to the skill level that I saw with my eyes. Living in New York City, I began to learn as much as I could about how the camera worked and knew if I could just control the mechanics of it, I could achieve the photos I was seeing with my eyes.  Once I move to Los Angeles, I started picking up paid gigs as a photographer not because I went for them… but because others went for me.  

    You see, some of my best opportunities as an artist weren’t from cold-calling, pitch decks, or outright begging… They were from someone seeing my work that was most likely done for free. 

    This photographer stumbled on my photography from a blog I created of my own work of things that naturally interested me… motorcycles. From there, others soon followed like Bell Helmets, Ruby Helmets, and more. 

    So when I walked into that room of students at the Art School, I realized that no one had taught them that no matter how great you are or what you have achieved, no one is going to find you before they find your work. Get up every morning and create work that you are proud of no matter who is watching or who is paying you to do so.  In turn, you will soon realize that your work itself is what will determine your worth when it comes to paying clients. 

    I’ve been fortunate at Killdisco Design to work on projects we are passionate about.  Sure there are few that bumped our heads with clients… but ultimately we attract work by putting out work that has the same spirit. 

    Work hard for yourself and the work for others will follow.