Mohawk Group


We knew nothing about carpet other than it is what your parents always yelled about protecting at dinner time… When we were approached by our partners at Theia Interactive about taking on a ground-breaking project for not only a carpet company but the largest in the world, we said why not. Soon thereafter we were waist deep into learning about not only the business as a whole but down to the yarn of manufacturing the stuff. What came from it was one of the best virtual flooring web software on the market.




Who needs digital carpet? Well, in commercialized manufacturing, customizing and sampling products at high volume costs a lot of time and money. By achieving real-world 1:1 scale renderings with real-time textural customization, we’ve reduced the client’s overhead of this process significantly while delivering a product that allows the customer to be in control of their own designs.

Customers gain access to high-resolution files to use in presentations, 1 to 1 scale sample prints, design files, and manufacturing specifications. By auditing and streamlining entire workflows from customer to factory through an organized customer management system, we have accelerated sales flows while reducing costly workflow. With better accessibility and control, customers have faster
turnaround time while maintaining focused sustainability.

Files can be used in 2D, 3D and VR settings to extend the immersion of textural flooring before making a purchase.